ZenSales Unveils 3 New Subscription Tiers!

Today, ZenSales unveiled a new tier-based subscription model for new customers and existing customers who wish to upgrade. We’d like to take a moment to explain how and why we arrived at the new subscription level structure.

ZenSales was founded with a fairly simple business proposition: solve the shipping needs of direct sellers. Since that time, ZenSales has grown quickly by listening to customer feedback and rapidly adopting new problem-solving features. What began as a simple tool for shipping orders has quickly grown into a robust platform that covers a wide variety of useful business functions.

However, the team at ZenSales soon discovered that developing new features is only half the battle. Even in the same industry, customers come in all shapes and sizes and have different needs as well. We soon realized the features that work for someone who occasionally needs a simple shipping tool, may not serve the needs of a busy, seasoned professional with multiple products and extensive downlines. The bottom line is: different users have different needs and our subscription levels were not accurately matching the features to the needs of our customers.

Our goal was to re-organize our shipping, email marketing, rewards, and referral tools to create a solution that is designed specifically to meet the diverse needs of ZenSales customers. The best way to describe the new subscription tiers is to say that we hope that they reflect the business needs of the customers who use ZenSales the most. We have three very distinct levels of users at ZenSales, seller profiles that are common in the network marketing industry, here’s what we came up with to meet everyone’s needs. 


The Starter Plan / Free

ZenSales new Starter Plan was designed to help brand new direct sellers who have recently launched their businesses. The Starter Plan includes 15 shipments per month on ZenSales simplified shipping platform that lets you ship in 3 clicks. All shipments will have access to ZenSales reduced USPS pricing and the standard automatic order importing, address verification and super-speedy batch printing features that come standard with every ZenSales plan. The plan also includes comprehensive reporting through the ZenSales platform, which can reveal important customer and sales insights. Finally, the plan is rounded out with post-shipment support and easy returns from the ZenSales team. The Starter Plan contains features that are designed to give someone who is just starting out a leg up on the competition, with shipping tools that will save both time and money.  



The Growth Plan / $19 month

ZenSales Growth Plan is packed full of the tools and functionality network marketers need to maximize their business growth. The Growth Plan comes with a generous allotment of 500 shipments each month. In addition, these shipments will take advantage of ZenSales lowest discounted shipping rates and also includes the standard reports, automatic order importing, address verification and time-saving batch printing. With the Growth Plan, most users will find that their monthly shipping savings more than covers the low program cost.

ZenSales most convenient feature is available to Growth Plan users, they can schedule a free USPS pick up right from their door in just 2-clicks. The Growth Plan includes robust versions of our newest email marketing tools. Growth Plan users can easily create customized email templates and set up automated follow-up emails that can generate cross-sells and up-sells. The ZenSales Growth Plan makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers with “set it and forget” automated email tools that increase sales and customer satisfaction.

We’ve found that our customers on the Growth level tend to have the most immediate and pressing needs, so we’ve included ZenSales awesome 1-on-1 customer support, including email and live chat during our extended service hours. When compared to the competition, the new features in ZenSales Growth Plan make it one of the most competitive and cost-effective plans available today.



Executive / $29 month

The Executive plan was designed for our busiest top-sellers, it gives users access to ZenSales’ complete suite of comprehensive business tools. Starting with unlimited monthly shipments available at ZenSales’ heavily discounted shipping rates. The Executive Plan also includes ZenSales standard reports, automatic order importing, address verification and super-speedy batch printing. Executive Plan users can eliminate their trips to the post office and schedule a free USPS pick up, in just 2-clicks. 

The Executive Plan features complete access to ZenSales’ email marketing and rewards tools, which includes additional email marketing templates. The rewards program can be set up featuring a memorable emoji to track gift progress and the tool can also be set to auto-send progress emails that keep customers engaged. When a reward level is achieved, Executive Plan users and their customers will receive automatic notifications. Executive Plan members will also have priority access to the ZenSales team via email, chat and phone support. 




There you have it, three new ZenSales tiers designed to provide the best combination of features to all of our users from those just starting out to the seasoned professionals. We hope you like the new ZenSales subscription tiers — get ready to take advantage of these plans when they launch on November 4, 2019!

Be on the look-out for ongoing updates to our platform — like more email marketing features coming soon — and additional tools and capabilities moving forward. ZenSales is committed to building cost-effective tools that simplify complicated business tasks.

If you have any questions about the new subscription tiers, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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