Free Shopify App Gives Direct Sellers a Single Shipping Tool

ZENSALES now works with Shopify

Orders from Cross Channel Platforms Now Managed through Single Interface

ZenSales announced today the immediate availability of its integration with Shopify to simplify order shipping for direct sellers and home business owners. The free app has been through the Shopify approval process and provides a simple easy way to ship orders from multiple channels and communicate with customers. ZenSales now works with Shopify

“ZenSales users sell their products on a variety of cross-channel platforms, including in-person and virtual events, social media, and on numerous websites built on versatile selling platforms, like Shopify,” said Kyle Henzel, President of ZenSales. 

“Shipping and order management can quickly become a time-consuming and tedious part of everyday business operations. ZenSales is pleased to announce the availability of a shipping platform that provides a simple and straightforward solution to direct sellers’ most difficult tasks.” 

Users can download the free ZenSales app from the Shopify App Store and connect their Shopify store in minutes. Shopify orders are seamlessly imported into the ZenSales dashboard to provide users with access to their favorite ZenSales features, like rewards, email marketing, and shipping.

With the Shopify and ZenSales integration, Shopify merchants can automatically import their Shopify orders into the ZenSales platform, purchase shipping labels, create personalized marketing campaigns that engage shoppers, and capitalize on the up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that occur throughout their Shopify buyers’ customer journeys.

The ZenSales integration also helps Shopify Store owners to:

  • Save time and money on shipping
  • Purchase a label in 3-clicks
  • Arrange for a carrier pickup right from their door
  • Provide Shopify customers with automated, customized package tracking information
  • Stay in touch with Shopify customers with timely and relevant email messages
  • Launch easy rewards programs for Shopify customers
  • Create custom branding for packing slips, invoices, and emails
  • Access ZenSales fast and responsive customer support


ZenSales now works with Shopify

Today’s announcement follows recent releases of the ZenSales rewards program and comprehensive email marketing tools.  ZenSales is committed to listening to customer feedback and rapidly adopting new problem-solving features. What began as a simple tool for shipping orders has quickly blossomed into a versatile platform that meets the diverse needs of home business owners by making many critical business functions simple and easy.

Shopify is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) shopping cart solution, that helps online merchants build e-Commerce sites, with a wide variety of versatile templates. For a monthly fee, merchants can access an admin panel to enter store data, add products, and process orders.


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ZenSales now works with Shopify

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