Meet the New ZenSales Ambassador Program

Generate Lasting, Passive Income by Referring New Members to ZenSales

Passive income is defined as “income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain”. Well, no doubt easier said than done! But if you’ve ever dreamed about earning money without a lot of heavy lifting, the new ZenSales Ambassador Program just might be your dream come true!

ZenSales users are invited to join the exciting new Ambassador Program to generate a lasting stream of passive income. The new program was inspired by ZenSales’s core values, which include a dedication to helping users grow their businesses. The ZenSales Ambassador Program is built on a generous payout structure designed to help ZenSales users build a meaningful recurring income with just a small investment of time.

ZenSales has grown quickly by listening to customer feedback and rapidly adopting new problem-solving features. The platform has also thrived on word-of-mouth referrals, many of which were generated through similar referral programs. These included a general referral program that offered shipping credits to both the user and their referral and an ambassador program that offered a one-time compensation for each referral. Although the existing programs were successful, we knew we could do better. So the team at ZenSales launched a comprehensive survey designed to identify the program elements that most benefitted users.

The goal was to create a program that resonated with ZenSales’s commitment to making small business growth simple for our users. The end result is a new ZenSales Ambassador Program that is based in-part on valuable feedback from the customer survey, combined with a multi-level payout structure that is common within the industry.

With the new ZenSales Ambassador Program, users will be able to build passive income streams by recruiting new users to the ZenSales shipping platform. ZenSales will pay you $3/month for every new shipping customer you refer to the platform with an active, paid subscription. That’s not all — when a user that you recruit refers a new paying user, you each receive $3/month for up to 24 months!

According to top consumer finance guru, Dave Ramsey, a few of the benefits of passive income include:

  • Increases your wealth-building plan
  • Creates an opportunity to retire early
  • Provides an additional source of income when you’re no longer able to work or if you outlive your retirement fund

Whether you use your passive income to pad your retirement or spend it all on a lavish vacation, it’s easy to see how you can benefit from making more money when there’s very little effort or investment required.

How it Works 

The ZenSales Ambassador Program is an exciting way for users to earn a monthly recurring revenue simply by referring new paid subscribers to ZenSales’s shipping platform! The program structure rewards you for recruiting top-level sales reps with large downlines that they in turn refer. The ZenSales Ambassador program will pay users for both First and Second Level recruits, giving you the opportunity to multiply your monthly income exponentially.


ZenSales New Ambassador Program

ZenSales users can visit their new ZenSales Ambassador dashboard to review and accept the ZenSales Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions. Users will become an active Ambassador upon agreeing to the program’s terms and conditions. Once your Ambassador Program is activated, we recommend that you share your referral link via social media channels, web pages, and email. With the right First Level recruits your income will add up quickly!

When a new user creates an account for a paid subscription with your link they become your First Level Recruit and you’ll be eligible for a payout. But that’s not all! When one of your First Level Recruits shares their link, any individual who creates an account for a paid subscription will become your Second Level Recruit and you’ll also be eligible for a payout!

Who Can Become an Ambassador? 

The ZenSales Ambassador Program is open to all ZenSales users with an active subscription.

Who Counts as a Recruit?

Any user who opens a paid monthly subscription after clicking on your Recruiting Link will be considered a viable recruit. At the present time, the Growth and Executive plan subscriptions will count towards your monthly total. However, the Starter subscription is not eligible. If you have a contact who wants to sign up for a Starter account go ahead and give them your referral link! If they upgrade their subscription they’ll become an active recruit and you’ll receive a payout for up to 24 months!

How Do I Get Started? 

ZenSales users should visit the new Ambassador dashboard to accept the program’s terms and conditions, then review the Ambassador Getting Started Guide for helpful hints to begin recruiting. If you’re not a ZenSales subscriber yet, open and set up your account to get started.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please reach out to the customer support team by clicking on the chat button in the lower corner of your screen.

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