Jump-Start your Career with a Customer Success (Account Manager) Position at an Innovative Startup

ZenSales Powered by Ship.com is looking for a remote-based customer success manager to help our customers use the Ship.com platform to grow their businesses. This role focuses on business consulting and product education through regular customer engagement on our easy-to-use website, app, and tools that make small business growth simple for independent retailers.   

Do you enjoy cultivating and growing customer relationships? Do you empathize with users and quickly grasp the issues they’re facing? Do you enjoy solving open-ended problems? Do you love learning about a changing technical product, even when it’s a little out of your depth? Are you a self-motivated, resourceful, competitive, over-achiever who does whatever it takes to get the job done and beat your quota? Are you excited to be part of a fast-moving environment, with minimal red tape slowing you down?


If you are looking for an exciting position with an innovative company focused on making small business growth simple then you are encouraged to apply by emailing jobs@ship.com. 

Our customer team is the front line for our customer happiness – by engaging our customers on our industry-leading shipping platform, tools, and an app that deliver real benefits, are easy to use, and wow our customers.

For that reason, we search for only the best people, who are willing to take that responsibility seriously. In return, we believe in providing a positive experience for our team members, with a dedicated, passionate team focused on our core values.

  • Simplicity – our processes and products are efficient and easy to use and understand; 
  • Supportive – when we work together, we win together; 
  • Exceeding Expectations – we go above and beyond to serve customers and help each other;
  • Growth – we strive to grow our customers’ business through a growth mindset in all we do.

What the job entails

For this job, you’ll be 

  • Working from home (with limited travel once that’s feasible) to engage with customers regularly to help them grow their businesses.
  • Coaching customers to grow their business by partnering with them on goal development and providing data-based, tailored and structured recommendations to achieve those goals
  • Owning the growth of your customers, exceeding your monthly quota regularly
  • Contributing actively to Ship’s internal knowledge base of best practices
  • Serving as the single point of contact with key customers to build trusting and lasting relationships with the customer and their stakeholders, navigating organizations to identify key decision-makers
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of direct selling and e-commerce trends

What you need to be successful at this job

  • Enjoy working closely with customers to ensure complete satisfaction
  • Experience or training in managing small to mid-sized projects; you’ll be working with 20+ merchants and their big picture strategy
  • Experience in direct selling and eCommerce (understanding of acquisition, conversion, retention); our merchants will look to you as an expert source of advice
  • Enjoy providing a high-touch user experience, talking about business and technical concepts, have great analytical skills
  • Excellent analytical and data manipulation skills (Excel, Google); enjoy leveraging data to make decisions and get to the root cause of customer needs.
  • Ability to travel up to 10% of the time (when it’s feasible)
  • Willingness to be available to your top customers outside of normal business hours when needed

You must be willing and able to work well independently, in an agile environment, as part of a remote team that meets daily and communicates regularly across company channels. 

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Be meticulous about maintaining expert-level product knowledge and keeping our customers informed of feature changes and updates, as well as potential errors or outages
  • Host webinars, trainings, and ongoing success tutorials as needed
  • Run reviews with all clients: identify areas for improvement, including opportunities for product adoption and implementing new Ship.com features, and make clear recommendations building high customer satisfaction
  • Identify churn risk and take proactive steps to eliminate
  • Monitor current processes and systems to ensure they meet the customer’s workflow needs
  • Serve as the voice of the customer to communicate and collaborate with Product and QA to drive product improvements that better serve our customer base

Qualifications & Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree 
  • 3-5 years experience managing large and/or complex accounts preferably in a SaaS environment; relationship management is your strength
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience providing customer value and driving retention; you should be merchant-focused in all that you do

Ship.com helps online sellers become successful and achieve their dreams by providing simple tools that help them save time, money, and sell more.  Ship.com does this by helping sellers manage the post-sale experience from end to end. This starts with shipping the product, managing delivery, easy returns, email marketing, loyalty programs, and facilitating new referral business.  To learn more visit www.zensales.net and www.ship.com.

A Message from the Founder and CEO of Ship.com

I am so excited for ZenSales to join the Ship.com team. Our vision is to help make small business dreams come true. How you may ask? Well, I think if you know some of my story, which starts with the story of my parents, then I feel that you will better know Ship.com, and I hope that you share my excitement about our future together.

Before I share this story, I want to welcome the ZenSales users to Ship.com, where we focus on making life easier by reimagining and remaking shipping, tracking, and delivery into something that is easy, fun, and social.

Thanks for listening to my story, followed by what you can expect from Ship.com now and in the future.

Joe, Ship.com Founder & CEO


My mother was a small business owner. She started out owning a hair salon but she also had many “side hustles” throughout the years. She owned a wig shop, an exercise company, and taught hairdressing. She owned many other different kinds of businesses. They all had one thing in common, they all made money.

In 1989 she quit hairdressing and started a small shipping store called Qwik, Pack & Ship. Today this would be like a UPS Store, but she made up her own brand. This was before the advent of eCommerce.

I went to work for her one summer during college and I was constantly pushing her to improve and grow the business. One summer, she fired me because she said I had too many ideas and it would be better if I just kept quiet and packed some boxes. I left and started a summer landscaping business instead!

She kept the business small, to a level she was comfortable running. I later understood that she was a small business owner because she wanted to control her time more than anything. And in order to grow the business larger, say to multiple locations, it would require more of her time and reduce her freedom. The business provided what she wanted from it, which was time, personal satisfaction, money, and most of all personal freedom. As a successful small business owner, she didn’t need anyone else to support her, not even my father. Delivering personal freedom is the ultimate power of small business and why it embodies the ideals of America.

My father was also in logistics. He ran the shipping department for Cutco Cutlery where he worked for 42 years. He used to get up at 4:45 am to start work at 5:30 am and stayed until 5 pm or later, especially during the busy season in the summer. He didn’t have control over his time and that meant no freedom. He had to be there and stay there all day, 5 or 6 days a week. He was the exact opposite of my mother in this regard. He wanted stability and security. He wanted a steady paycheck that he could rely on. It ultimately worked out for my father, but over the years during bad times he had to take a pay cut and they occasionally went on strike (without pay). Ironically, during the strike times, my father went to work for his friend, a small business owner, who hired him as a favor so he would have some income. My father retired in 1997 at 60 ½ years old. He could do this because he had a 401K and hit one of the greatest stock market runs in history (aka luck). He loved his job, was a great father, and had a personally satisfying career, but he never had freedom all his working life. He was always dependent on someone else for his livelihood.

Cutco sold their knives using a direct sales model. My first job after college was to work for Cutco as the Manager of Finance and Administration in Seoul, Korea. I didn’t get to sell but I did complete sales training. I was, however, intimately involved with the direct sellers, the majority of who were Korean women and who were all essentially small business owners. I saw first hand how the direct sales model gave people valuable sales experience while helping them earn extra money for college or their family. Some made it a career and did very well financially. The main thing I noticed was direct salespeople were entrepreneurs running their own business. This gave them a ton of freedom and control over their time and how much money they could earn. They were confident enough in themselves to bet on themselves and build the lives they wanted on their terms, even when everyone else was probably telling them that it was too risky or too difficult. You have to have respect for that! I saw that being in direct sales was not for everyone; and while more failed than succeeded I saw an entrepreneurial drive that was energizing and exciting.

In 1998 I left Cutco Korea and moved to Silicon Valley to become a technology entrepreneur. It was fun and exhilarating. It was the dotcom boom, Internet 1.0, which was a great time to be in Silicon Valley. I started a few companies, some that worked and some that didn’t. One company I started, Webgistix, provided software and order fulfillment services to smallish eCommerce business. Small, in this case, would be companies shipping from 250 to 10,000 orders a month, where eCommerce was the owner/managements’ primary business (not a side hustle). We built a two day delivery network so small business’ could compete with Amazon. Webgistix was very successful and was acquired by Rakuten in 2013.

During this time at Webgistix we often tried to help start-up entrepreneurs with logistics software and services for their business. It almost never worked out. Eventually, to my dismay, we stopped taking start-ups and micro-business as customers; it was just not profitable in our business model. At the time we were receiving 5,000+ inquiries a year for our eCommerce software and fulfillment services and only 500 of these fit our model. This meant there was a big market to help start-up and micro-businesses. I wanted to find a solution to help the other 4,500 a year because these were the small business people I loved. These were energetic and excited entrepreneurs like my mother and the Cutco sellers; these were people looking for personal freedom, a way to achieve their dreams and put extra money in their pockets. These are the people we should be helping. This was the market for me. Enter Ship.com.

Ship.com is dedicated to helping small business people make their dreams come true. Our current niche in that dream is the part after the sale is made and is focused on helping sellers:

  1. Ship easily
  2. Sell easily
  3. Manage buyer relationships

As Kyle Henzel commented in his blog, ZenSales is thrilled to start their next chapter as part of Ship.com. Together we will build products that make small business growth simple. Following is some of what you already get and a future look at what you can expect.

  • The first thing we do is that we make it really easy for sellers like you to ship your packages to your buyers. We import the sales data from your platform and convert these into easily shippable orders.
  • Then we allow sellers and buyers to track packages all the way to delivery via an app buyer downloads onto their phones.
  • The app also allows buyers to track all their packages from every retailer, making it useful to buyers beyond just doing business with one seller
  • Buyers can let sellers know they received their packages through the app.
  • Sellers and buyers can communicate through the app (coming soon)
  • This app allows buyers to return packages back to sellers (coming soon)
  • The app allows buyers to share what they bought with friends and family and recommend products they like
  • The app allows sellers to advertise to targeted buyers (coming soon)
  • Sellers have a desktop tool to manage buyer loyalty programs
  • Sellers have a desktop tool to manage buyer email communications
  • Sellers have a tool to take orders during live selling on Facebook (coming soon)

Technology has advanced a lot in the past decade and this has made it much easier for people to become small business owners. Platforms of all kinds exist to help would-be entrepreneurs start and run a business.

You can sell goods on Amazon, eBay, Esty, and many others. Run your online store with Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce, and many others. Provide services through Upwork, Fiver, Freelancer, and many others. You can work and connect from home with Slack, Zoom, Trello, and many others.

This makes it easier to start a business but harder to compete as anyone with an idea can now open a business. And, it’s even harder for micro-entrepreneurs to compete with large businesses. Therefore it is critically important for small sellers to have the best tools possible to make and keep them successful.

Ship.com helps sellers become successful and achieve their dreams by providing simple tools that help sellers save time, money, and sell more.

Ship.com does this by helping sellers manage the post-sale experience from end to end. This starts with shipping the product, managing delivery, easy returns, email marketing, loyalty programs, and facilitating new referral business.

Ship.com provides tools to help small businesses compete with large and small sellers to make their dreams come true. By working together we want small business owners to be successful and help them get the extra money and freedom they want while fighting against the naysayers. We’ve got your back.


See for Yourself What All the Buzz is About

  • Sign up for a ZenSales plan and get easy to use shipping and marketing tools.
  • Download the Ship.com app to get easy to use tracking for your personal holiday shipments
  • Refer your customers to download Ship.com to make tracking your shipment to them fun!
  • Check out the Ship.com FAQ

An Exciting Announcement…

Today we’re sharing the exciting news that Ship.com has signed an agreement to acquire ZenSales. We’ve had an incredible journey as an independent company and are thrilled to start our next chapter working with the Ship.com team on building products that make small business growth simple.

We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without you – our amazing users. This moment is truly a testament to your support, loyalty, and feedback!

Why Ship.com?

We started ZenSales with the belief that customers should always be the top priority, tools should be easy-to-use, and business growth should be simple and Ship.com shares that philosophy. Ship.com aims to transform the way people track and ship their packages by socializing peer-to-peer shipments just as Venmo streamlined and socialized peer-to-peer payments. Our best-in-class shipping platform for small businesses is a natural value-add for their users, and vice-versa. In fact, we’ve already been working together to increase your customer loyalty and decrease your customer support, by making the way your customers track their orders simple and fun.

Our goal has always been to make small business growth simple, and the Ship.com focus on reimagining the delivery process for businesses and consumers alike will help us scale our reach and have a bigger impact than we could ever have imagined. Together, we can remake shipping into a social and mobile experience while helping you manage your order fulfillment and post-sale customer experience all the way through delivery.

What does this mean for you?

Aside from seeing the Ship name, there won’t be any changes to your day-to-day experiences with our products. ZenSales will continue to operate as normal within Ship.com. Our first and foremost priority has always been and will remain taking care of our customers. If anything, our customers can expect an accelerated rate of innovation to the ZenSales products they know and love already, supported by the vision (ZenSales and Ship.com FAQs) and resources of Ship.com.

We’re excited to bring ZenSales to direct sellers and small online businesses. Joining forces with Ship.com will help us get there faster. This is an acceleration of the same mission we’ve had since day one – to simplify business growth.

Thank you for your support over the years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you and we look forward to building for you for many years to come. We’re just getting started!

Kyle Henzel, ZenSales President 

Learn more about Ship.com in this message from the Ship.com Founder and CEO


See for Yourself What All the Buzz is About

  • Sign up for a ZenSales plan and get easy to use shipping and marketing tools.
  • Download the Ship.com app to get easy to use tracking for your own holiday shipments
  • Refer your customers to download Ship.com to make tracking your shipment to them fun!
  • Check out the Ship.com FAQ