We are currently working on releasing a full email marketing system for our users. Right now we do allow you to create, edit, and send messages manually to some of your customers. Here is a quick "how to" on customizing your emails through our system.

Accessing Email Tools

To customize your emails with ZenSales you must first go to our email settings. Select Settings from the profile menu. Then click the Email tab!

Customize Tracking Emails

On your emails dashboard you have access to several different email features. The first section is for our tracking emails. Due to the nature of our tracking emails you can’t customize the entire email, but you can set a custom message for your customers at the bottom of the message! You can also choose to send a copy of each tracking email to yourself.

Follow Up Emails

The next section is for your Follow Up Emails. Here you can set when the automatic email is sent to your customers. If you click on “Customize Follow Up Email” then it will move you to the bottom of the page to our email customizer. It also changes the settings so you’re automatically changing the Follow Up Emails and not a different template.

Custom Emails

The next section is for our marketing emails. When are marketing tools are fully released this will be on a different page! This is the section you use to create new templates and edit current templates. When editing a current template make sure you have the correct template selected! If you write up a welcome message to new customers when on your Follow Up Email Template then all of your current customers will receive their welcome message as a follow up!

After finding the perfect subject for your emails then make sure and edit the message to say what you need! Clicking any of the buttons at the top of the message with add a custom field to the email. That way each email is still personalized per customer! If you would like a special field for your templates that we do not offer, reach out to our excellent customer service team and let us know!

Sending Emails

Once everything is perfect make sure and give your email a unique template name and then Save! Now it’s time to send emails! At this time, you cannot send a mass email to your customers; you must send the emails one at a time! To send an email to a specific customer just find an order from your customer and click the three dot menu on the right. NOTE: The status of the order does not matter, you can send an email to your user at any point.

The send email modal will open. It automatically opens on a “New Template” but you can pick from a previously created template.

Once you have the correct email selected you can then send the email to your customer! Note that if you make any changes on this screen they will not be saved to the template *unless* you click the “Save email template as” box!

And that’s it for now! We are still working on building out our email marketing tools. Have any requests or suggestions? Make sure and reach out to our excellent customer service team!

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