Here are some frequently asked questions about managing your Rewards account!

Where do I go to manage my Rewards?
To manage your reward system you just need to view your Rewards page. Select the Rewards tab from the top of your dashboard. There you will see your Rewards details, which gifts have been earned, which customers are close to earning a gift, and the last 10 fulfilled gifts.

Is Shipping counted towards my customer's points?
Shipping is often counted as an item in our system. Shipping will not count towards the Rewards Points for your customer. If you are ever unsure, you can verify on the order. Check the total number of items against the points earned. 

Can I automatically not count specific items towards my customer's rewards?
We currently cannot exclude specific items automatically from the Rewards system. If you do not wish for some items to count towards the Rewards points then you will need to manually adjust the amount of points your customers receive.

How do I manually adjust a customer’s rewards points?
First, just locate your customer’s information. You can either go to the Customers tab and search for the user or click on their name after locating an order from our system. Once you do then just click the link “Adjust” beside the customer’s reward points. Make sure and enter the correct number of points your customer should have. 

What does the "Send Reminder Email" button do?
When a customer has earned at least 80% of the points needed to earn a reward, that customer will show up in the "Almost Earned" section of the Rewards Dashboard. Click Send Reminder Email to quickly and easily give them a nudge to remind them they just have to buy X more items to get their reward. This is a great way to keep customers engaged and generate more sales. 

How do my customers sign up for rewards?
Your customers do not need to sign up for our Rewards system! If they purchase any items from you then they are automatically enrolled!

How do my customers redeem their rewards?
When a customer is eligible for rewards then you will see their name under the “Gifts Earned” section of your dashboard. When they have contacted you and received their gift then you just have to click “Redeem”. Your customer’s name will move to the top of the list of the Last 10 Fulfilled Gifts. When your customer purchases more items from you then their reward count will start over. Their name will appear in “Almost Earned” when they are close to earning a new gift from you.

How do I check and see if a customer responded to a Reward Email?
If your customer replies to an email sent through our system, then you will receive that response the email address that we have on file. 

Can my customer's Opt out of using my Rewards?
At this time your customer cannot opt out of using your Rewards program. All customer’s orders are logged and recorded in your Rewards system. If your customer does not want to participate then they will still be in your Rewards system.

Can I turn off my Automatic Rewards Email?
Yes! To turn off your Rewards emails you just need to locate your Rewards settings. Go to the Profile Menu and select Settings from the drop down menu. There you will see several tabs including Rewards. You can update any of your Rewards settings there. If you scroll to the bottom you'll see a simple toggle that says "Send Rewards Emails". If the toggle is purple then that feature is on and your customers will automatically receive emails with updates about their Rewards progress. If it is grey then your customers will not receive any automatic updates on their Rewards progress.

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