Quick! Before setting up your rewards, go check out our General FAQ to read some frequently asked question about our reward system. If you’ve already read the article then let’s set up your rewards system!

First, locate your Rewards tab at the top of your dashboard.

You will see multiple reward options to set before we can start your Rewards. First, choose when you would like your rewards system to start. This can be any time in the past or future. Once you set the start you will not be able to change it. It will count all orders from your customers from that date forward. Also note, it will only include orders that have been imported into ZenSales from that date forward. 

The Goal, Reward, and Emoji settings can all be set here. Note that these settings can be changed after you start your rewards program! If you need to set a higher or lower goal, or change the reward then you can easily from this screen! When you have all of your options set properly, then you’ll see a large purple “Schedule Rewards Program”.

Verify that the summary of your rewards system is correct and then you can start your rewards program! After you have your settings set, then the announcement email will appear on the same page. You do not have to send an announcement email to all of your customers. Before sending the email make sure and add your own flare! Customize the email to include all of the information you would like your customer to know about your rewards program.

If you would like to insert a changeable value into your email (e.g. the customer's first name) then make sure and click the button for the value you’d like to insert! That way you know the system is sending the correct information to the correct customer. Once you have the perfect message crafted make sure to “Send Announcement Email”. If you have customers you’d like to receive the email that are not in our system, make sure and Upload CSV *before* you send the email! After you click to send the email then you will receive a prompt verifying that you are ready to send the email to all of your customers.

Click to send the email and the announcement email options will disappear. A little green box will appear in the bottom right corner of your dashboard that verifies that the emails were sent!

Congratulations! Your Rewards system is set up and will work automatically in conjunction with ZenSales. If you would like to know more about how to manage your Rewards system make sure and check out our Manage Reward FAQ. If you have any questions or need any further assistance in setting up your rewards, shoot us a chat or send an email to help@zensales.net

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