Although we support multiple brands, when you sign up for ZenSales you’re prompted to sign up for a single brand, and in some cases your corresponding payment method, e.g. Square or PayPal. Our system is currently optimized to bring you optimal value for that single brand/payment method. We are working hard to officially, and more seamlessly, support multiple brands and payment method integrations across all of our associated companies. 

Most combinations can be supported but there are a few that are not. Here is the scoop…

Combinations that ARE NOT supported: 

  1. If you are a Ring Bomb Party or Maverick the Collection seller, but have another business that uses PayPal as your payment method. 
  2. If you use PayPal as your payment method for one business, but also sell Ring Bomb Party or Maverick the Collection. 

Combinations that ARE supported:

Everything else! However, a few very important notes:

First, if one of your two (or more) businesses use PayPal, or is Ring Bomb Party or Maverick the Collection, you should walk through the “Brand Setup” for those integrations last to ensure the correct "Sync Orders" button is available on your Orders page going forward. 

If you sell both Ring Bomb Party and Maverick the Collection, you can set them up through our “Brand Setup” in any order. 

Otherwise, for any other brand &/or payment method combinations, you should set up the business that is the highest percentage of your sales last. This is what will be saved in our system and ensures you get any brand-specific communication for your primary business if/when we send any. This is not very common but still important. 

If you have questions about a specific combination or any other feedback, it is important that we hear from you so we can see how we can help - please chat us or email Thanks!

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