What is a batch purchase and when to use it?

A batch (aka bulk) purchase allows you to create multiple labels at one time when the shipping parameters are the same, e.g. shipping method, ship date, weight (or weight range if First Class), etc. The shipping options for a batch purchase are the exact same choices when buying an individual label on your Orders page.

Before we review step-by-step instructions on how to create a batch purchase, let's walk through the optimal, suggested shipping process to best prepare for you beforehand:

  1. Ensure your orders are being automatically imported if possible. Please review our extensive tutorials to find the right integration option for your business. 
  2. Review what orders are in the status of Ready to ship (i.e. have been paid) and consider what orders will ship via the same shipping method and are approximately the same weight.
  3. Ensure these orders have complete, valid addresses.
  4. Buy individual labels for any orders that cannot be grouped together with other orders for a batch purchase, e.g. a product that only one person has purchased and has a different/unique weight, an order with more items than any other order, or an order that weighs significantly more than all other orders.
  5. Then proceed to start your bulk purchasing! You will need to start with the order group with smallest number of items and then work your way up to order groups with the most items.

How do I make a batch purchase?

Start by selecting Batch Purchase on the top of your Orders page

Select your shipping options in the top section - Require Signature, Delivery Guarantee, Printer, and Ship Date. 

Narrow down what orders you want to purchase labels for by using the filtering options.

Quantity -- Start with your order group with the smallest number of items. For example, 4 rings, 3 lip glosses, 2 nail colors, or 1 pair of leggings will all ship First Class and be under 4 ounces so enter that quantity in the "Up to [] items" input. 

Timeframe -- Input what time period of orders should be included. For example, you may want any orders Ready to ship from the last 30 days.

Next, choose your Shipping Method and enter any additional information requested for the specified method if applicable. For example, if you choose First Class, you will then need to specify what weight range it will be -- up to 4 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz, or less than 16 oz. The higher the range, the more expensive the rates. Then select "Calculate" and confirm the number of orders found is about the right size. 

If necessary, go back to change your selections and recalculate rates as needed. Rates will not update until the Calculate button is pressed again. 

As a final step before purchasing, review the orders included in the table below the shipping options. You can remove an order from your batch by selecting Exclude on the right-hand side. 

Once your batch of orders is the correct set and you are satisfied with your selections, you are now ready to check out. Select Purchase to buy your batch. 

You can now print the labels for your batch, or start a new batch (moving to the next set of higher quantity). If you choose to dive right into your next batch before printing, you can view your batch purchases by clicking Batch Purchase History in the top right. 

From your Batch Purchase History, you can print (or re-print) a group of labels or cancel a group of labels. Please note if any of the labels in the batch are already In Transit, the batch will not / cannot be cancelled. 

Once a batch is cancelled, this action cannot be undone.

And that is all you need to know about Batch Purchasing! Please contact our Customer Service at help@zensales.net if you have any additional questions or feedback on this feature. 

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