If your PayPal orders are importing without a shipping address, you may need to update your PayPal settings.

First, log in to PayPal and click on the gear icon in the top right to get to your Settings. On the Account tab, confirm you have a Business account. If not, you will need to upgrade, which can be done for free. 

Once you have upgraded, go back to Settings and click on My selling tools: 

Next, click Update on the Api access line:

Select Grant API permission:

Type in admin_api1.zensales.net and click Lookup to search for our official PayPal account. This gives ZenSales access to certain information about your account. You can then select what we can and cannot see on the next screen.

Click the option to let us “Obtain information about a single transaction.” For security purposes, we will not be able to see credit card numbers. Shipping address is the only thing ZenSales will look at to import into our system.

Once it is added you will see the below screen. 

Last, sync your orders in ZenSales again and we will now be able to get shipping information for all your orders! 

If this FAQ has not answered your question or fixed your issue, please chat Customer Service. We are always happy to help! 

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