Lets get started setting you up with email forwarding for your Piphany orders.

If you don't already have it handy, you'll first need to get your forwarding address from your ZenSales account. 

Log in to your Outlook account, and click Options.

Click on "Inbox and sweep rules", then add a new rule using the "+" symbol.

Give your rule a name. Select "It includes these words" then "in the sender's address..." from the first drop-down menu.

Type piphany.com, then click the + button. Click OK.

Select "Forward, redirect, or send" and then "Forward the message to..." from the second drop-down menu.

Paste your unique ZenSales Forward Address into the box and click OK.

Click OK at the top to save your new rule.

Make sure your new ZenSales rule is first to ensure delivery. You can re-arrange your rules by clicking the up and down arrows. Click Save.

That's it! Your orders will now magically appear in ZenSales! If you have any questions or need any further assistance, message us here or email us at help@zensales.net

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