Thanks to ZenSales’s Reward System, you can reward your customers with a free gift after a set number of purchases. With each purchase, we will automatically let them know how many points they have earned towards their free gift. Once all the points are earned, they will be notified via email to contact you directly to receive their gift. 

How do I cancel my rewards program?

If you need to cancel your rewards program, please contact customer service at

How much does a rewards program cost?

Our Customer Rewards program is free to those on our EXECUTIVE tier. Only users who are part of our EXECUTIVE tier are allowed to set up and use our Rewards program.

How can I start a Rewards Program?

Click on the Rewards link on your dashboard. This will take you to the Rewards Settings page if you haven't set up your rewards program yet. Follow the on-screen instructions to get going.

Can I give my customers credit for past purchases?

There are a few ways to give your customers credit for past purchases. When initially setting up your Rewards System you can choose a past date to start the program. It will apply any applicable points to your users based on orders within ZenSales. You can also manually apply rewards to a customer! 

What kind of reward does my customer get when they earn enough points?

That's entirely up to you! You can give them anything you'd like. Once a customer earns enough points, they will show up in your rewards dashboard until you "redeem" their reward. Redemption of the rewards is totally up to you.

How many points does my customer have to have to earn a Reward?

This too is entirely up to you! You can set  how many points a customer needs to earn to a Reward from you! Not sure what number is the right number? You can also easily change this amount after initially setting up your rewards system.

Can I exclude special items or sales?

At this point in our system you cannot set to exclude any particular item or order automatically from a user’s Rewards Balance. You can manually adjust a customer’s Rewards Balance at any point though. 

Will it count Shipping as a Reward point?

No! We have calibrated our system to make sure that shipping is not included towards a customer’s Rewards Balance. 

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