A much better way to import your orders from LuLaRoe into ZenSales is to set up Automatic Email Forwarding.

If you do not have a gmail or outlook account, you'll need to import your orders by exporting a CSV from Bless and uploading that CSV to ZenSales

Export CSV from Bless

Log into Bless at:

At the top of the screen, go to Sales -> Complete Orders

Click the purple CSV button under Export Options. 

Note: Don't choose Shipping Easy - this will work, but it won't import important information like if the order has been paid.

If you can't get Export to work: When you are preparing to export from Bless, you have to select the month and then click Search before exporting the CSV. Just clicking opened Orders in Bless and hitting Export CSV may not work.

This will download a CSV file to your computer. 

This is the file you will upload to ZenSales. You do not need to modify this file in any way - ZenSales will filter out all of the existing orders when you import

Uploading your CSV to ZenSales

In ZenSales, click the button with a purple outline that says UPLOAD CSV and choose the CSV file that was downloaded in the previous step.

When the sync is complete, a banner will appear at the bottom letting you know there are new orders available. Click the Update Orders button on this banner to see your new orders.

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