The first step when using a thermal or label printer is to make sure you have the correct selection when you purchase the label. No matter which shipping option you choose, make sure you have "Label Printer 4x6" or "Label Printer 2-5/16x4" selected. This will make sure the label is formatted properly when it generates.  

After the label is purchased it will then be properly formatted to print with your label printer. Once you make this selection then our system will remember and always format your labels with that selection. 

Our system does not currently automatically print the label upon purchase. The green "Purchase Shipping Label" turns into "Print Shipping Label." When you select "Print Shipping Label" it will pull up the shipping label in a new tab as a PDF. You will then be able to manually print your shipping label.

If your label is printing too small check out this FAQ. If you need further help troubleshooting your printing labels email us at 

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