Most of our users will need to keep a shipping balance on their account to ship labels! If you are an executive member with a bank account tied to your account then you will not need to keep a balance, but will be able to make purchases per label. To see other perks of being an executive member go here. 

You do not need to keep a minimum balance in the account but you will need to choose your minimum refill amount. To pick your refill amount just select “Shipping Balance: $0.00” in the upper right corner of your dashboard:

Next you just need to purchase a label! Once you purchase the label then we’ll reload your balance minus the price of that label’s postage. Now continue to purchase labels! If your balance gets low then we’ll reload your account by your refill amount. You can change your refill amount at any point! You can also set your refill amount to Disabled, which will prevent our system from refilling your balance automatically.

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