Yes! We automatically send an email to your customers an hour after you print the label. 

From a recent analysis, 99.99% of the time tracking emails from ZenSales are delivered successfully. For the 0.01% of customers who do not receive it, they likely need to check their spam &/or junk folders. 

Here is a list of suggestions to try if your customer reports not receiving their tracking email:

  1. Check to see that our system sent the email by locating the order and mousing over the envelope icon. See the first screenshot above. 
  2. Verify with the customer that you have the correct email address.
  3. Expand your order details, go to the Emails section, click the triple dots, and select Resend to send the tracking email again. See the second screenshot above. 
  4. Make sure the customer has checked their spam &/or junk folder. They can also search for an email from
  5. If none of the above options fix the issue, email us at and let us know the customer's name and email address.

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