Loving ZenSales? Share the love! When you invite your friends, we'll give them a $15 shipping credit so they can try our service completely risk free. And then, after they start shipping with us, you get a $15 shipping credit too!

Just give your friends your Referral URL, and we'll take care of the rest!

To get your Referral URL, go to: https://www.zensales.net/referrals

When you earn referral credits, they will go directly into your shipping credit balance on the Orders Page. You will receive a chat notification when they have been added. You can also check the status of your referrals and corresponding payments on your Referral page. 


  • A user only counts as a referral if they use your special referral link.
  • You can't refer yourself, or sign up for additional accounts using your own referral link.
  • Only valid for new ZenSales signups
  • You only get paid when we get paid. You'll get your $15 once your referral applies or spends $50 in shipping. 
  • We may suspend or cancel someone's participation in the referral program if we notice fraudulent or abusive behavior.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue the referral program at any time. (But we’ll honor any outstanding payments if that happens.)
  • Have questions? Please don't hesitate to email help@zensales.net or click the little chat bubble at the bottom, left of the page.
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