If you are ready to ship your customer's package but the status is "Waiting for payment" there are two things you can do. First click the three dots to the right of the order and a drop down menu will appear. From here, you can choose "Mark as paid" or "Purchase shipping label".

"Mark as paid"
This option will mark the order as paid and then allow you to ship the package. This is a good option if your customer pays you through a different channel, such as cash, PayPal, personal check, etc.

"Purchase shipping label"
This will allow you to immediately purchase and print a shipping label, even if the customer has not yet paid. This option is for repeat customers that you wish to send their order out before they send their payment in, or for order payment handled outside our system. After purchasing a label, your order will change to the status "Label purchased", and you'll be given the option to print your shipping label.

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