Order Management

ZenSales makes order management simple.

With just a few clicks you can set up ZenSales to automatically import all of your orders to manage and ship your orders from one, simple dashboard. With ZenSales you can automatically and manually import orders and customer data, combine, edit or cancel orders, and link multiple brands and payment options.

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Key Functions

Automatically Import Orders

ZenSales can automatically import your customer data and orders by using email forwarding for your invoice and payment emails. Set up is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes.

Manually Import Orders

You can manually enter an order via the “New Order” button on the Orders Dashboard. You can also manually import multiple orders by uploading a CSV file.

Access Customer Information

When your account set up is complete your customer data is automatically imported with your order data and stored on the Customer Dashboard. Here, you can easily view detailed information on each of your customers including their name, email, mailing address, phone, birth date, order history, reward balance, and total amount spent.

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Combine Orders

With ZenSales you can quickly and easily edit your orders to combine orders and save money on shipping costs. When you consolidate orders into a single order you can save time from packing, shipping, tracking, and managing multiple orders.

Cancel Orders

Sometimes a buyer may change her mind, or you may have other circumstances that require you to cancel an order. If you need to cancel an order you can quickly and easily do so on the Orders Dashboard simply by selecting “Cancel order”.

Sell for Multiple Brands/Use Multiple Payment Options

ZenSales can support multiple brands and payment method integrations. Most combinations can be supported but there are a few that are not. For complete details contact the ZenSales Customer Support team by clicking on the chat icon.

“I am continually blown away with how ZenSales makes my life easier!”
Amanda Eller, photographer and homeschooling mom

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