With ZenSales set-it and forget-it customer loyalty tool you can reward your customers for repeat purchases.

ZenSales shipping platform includes a simple Rewards program that allows you to assign points for purchases and automatically tracks your customers’ progress. ZenSales intuitive Rewards Dashboard makes it easy for you to set up and manage a profitable customer loyalty program that works for your business.

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Key Functions

Program Management

The ZenSales Dashboard includes a Rewards Dashboard designed to help you track and monitor your loyalty program. Here, you can see which customers are participating in your loyalty program, how close they are to earning their gift, which gifts have been earned, and also view the most recently fulfilled gifts.


Set a goal for your customers to achieve to successfully reward your customers in real-time. ZenSales Rewards program is designed to give you flexibility that works for your business, so whether your goal is “number of items purchased” or “dollars spent” the platform will help you quickly and easily create a program designed to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.


You can use the Rewards platform to select and identify a reward that is cost effective for your business and desirable to your customers. You can enter the exact reward you choose for your business, like “A free product”, “10% off your next order”, or “$10 off your next order”.

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Tracking Emojis

You can select a fun emoji to help your customers track their gift progress. Adding an emoji can help gamefy your loyalty program and add a fun element to keep customers engaged while tracking gift progress and purchases.


After you have your settings complete, a brief summary of your rewards program will be populated on your Rewards Dashboard.

Announcement Emails

When your customer has achieved a reward, ZenSales will automatically notify them by sending an Announcement Email that you can customize to include your congratulatory message.

“The ZenSales team has truly made an awesome, user-friendly program!”
Julia Haney, Childhood cancer advocate

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