Email Marketing

With ZenSales simplified email marketing tools you can stay in touch to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

With ZenSales you can quickly and easily tap into the marketing channel with the highest ROI – email! Drive sales and revenue for your business by staying in touch with the right messages sent at the right time. Now you can effortlessly add email marketing and grow your business with these powerful tools.

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Key Functions

Email Templates

ZenSales includes a comprehensive library of email templates designed to help you send your customers the right messages, at the right times. You can access a multitude of built-in templates through the dropdown menu, and easily customize the copy to fit your business and save to create your own library of messages.

Email Editor

ZenSales email marketing tools are designed to make your email marketing fun and intuitive. With ZenSales’s intuitive email editor you can quickly and easily give your email templates a look that is tailored to fit your business. With just a few clicks, you can insert logo, product and lifestyle images.

Personalized Content

The ZenSales email marketing platform includes personalization tags that make it easy for you to send personalized email messages that speak directly to your customers. Cut through the noisey inbox chatter and stand out by inserting personalization tags into your emails to greet each contact with a a targeted, subject-specific message.

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Automated Tracking Emails

ZenSales sends tracking emails on behalf of your clients, you can also opt-in to receive a copy and stay in the loop with your customer deliveries. You can even create a personalized marketing message and insert it into your customers’ tracking emails. You can turn your tracking emails into a profitable upselling tool by highlighting your specials and hot ticket items.

Simplified Customer Communications

The ZenSales platform includes an “Email Follow-up” button that allows you to send one-off emails to your customers from the Orders page when an order delivery has been confirmed. The Marketing tab on your dashboard also includes an email editor that you can use to send email marketing messages to your entire customer database, or you can designate certain criteria to mail to smaller segments of your customers.

“ZenSales is very easy to use, fast for business, and has great customer service!”
Samantha Warner, Singer and dancer

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