Simple is better

Intuitive, easy-to-use tools to help you make the most of your time & money.

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Simplified shipping saves you money.

  • Tightly integrated

    Buy a shipping label in seconds (in only 3 clicks), without leaving the orders page.

  • Simple and powerful

    You never have to tell us more than how much the package weighs, and we'll quickly display only the rates of the package types that are relevant for your LuLaRoe business.

  • Labels for less

    Get free priority labels at commercial plus pricing — that’s lower than standard USPS rates! Ditch or Shipping Easy and immediately start saving!

LuLaRoe Shipping

Smart Order Management keeps you organized.

  • All your data on one place

    All your orders and customer info is easily and automatically imported. Look up orders and take action in seconds.

  • Simple order management

    Our intelligent order workflow does the heavy lifting for you. Create orders, send invoices, issue refunds and more..

  • Customer data

    Click a customer's name anywhere and you'll see all their details, including all orders they have ever placed with you.

LuLaRoe Order Management